Thursday, 29 December 2016

Academic challenges of student in an institution

Academic challenges are those factors affecting student performance in an institution of learning. This factors tends to negatively influence students mode of learning and corrupt their memory, this will reduce student knowledge in getting the right quality education.

There are various challenges confronting students in institutions of learning and these challenges must be given necessary concern, so as not to cause disruption in the education sector. Students must be vigilant when in school by ensuring they face their studies and excel in their academic. Teachers must also be watchful of bad behaviors of students that may cause problem to their learning.

The following are the academic challenges confronting student in an institutions:

1. Environment: If the environment of an institution is bad, it will pose a negative effect on students. An education environment must be conducive, this will motivate student to read and learn. Management of every institution must take necessary steps in providing beautiful gardens, unique design classroom, planting of trees to the institutions environment. All this will make the institutions look attractive for learning.

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2. Non-Availability of social infrastructural facilities: Non availability of good roads, pipe borne waters and epileptic power supply will reduce student morale towards learning in an institution. Government and school management must provide quality infrastructural facilities that will enhance student attitude towards learning. School management must support the government by paying necessary tax into the coffers of the government, so that necessary steps will be taken in providing social infrastructural facilities in the institution.

3. Lack of qualified teachers: Some educational institutions lack professional that can teach students effectively. This will affect student mental ability because the student will not be able to get the right knowledge. Institutions of learning must be able to provide qualified educational professionals to teach the students. If teachers fail to teach the students, the student will in turn fail in their academic because of negative learning passed to them.

4. Student’s negative attitude towards learning: Students are the artist of their own future. If any student has a negative thought or attitude towards learning, the person will lose the motivation in getting unique education. Students must not be forced to go to school, they must be motivated to learn, through parental advice, professional counsel and given them incentive that will boost their morale towards learning in school.

5. Non-Availability of funds: In school student need money for their upkeep and if parent or guardian fails in providing financial incentives to them. It will discourage them towards learning and this will decrease their morale. Money is part of learning, we pay tuition fees, purchase of textbook and many more. And without money for learning the student will not be able to progress on the journey of getting quality education.

6. Non-Availability of learning equipment: If there is little or no educational resources equipment for learning, it will pose challenges for education in an institution of learning. Teaching equipment like the use of white-boards, Internet enabled computers, projectors and other equipment. All learning equipment must be available for the students to use, this will help them to have a clear understanding of what they are teaching them in school. The government and all education stakeholders must be able to provide necessary equipment for students, so they can achieve better academic success.

Academic challenges must be dealt with so that student will be able to achieve optimum education. Through a better learning environment and equipment, students will be able to move ahead in their course of study. It is the right of every institution to provide a better learning and study platforms for student of their school.

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