Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Computer usage by students in institutions

Computer are technological innovation that helps to improve the quality of life trough it operation. Computer is a machine that accepts and transmits data into relevant information. Computer operate in a meaningful and stylish ways, it helps to solve our day to day problem because it is easily accessible.

Students of institutions of learning must be able to get a personal computer which can be desktop computer or laptop computer but as a student, it is recommended to get a laptop computer. Laptop computer are easily accessible, can be move from one place to another and it may sometimes be costly to buy but it is affordable.

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There a various tools that can help students to improve on their academic performance. Computer has been a second to none for students because of its advantages towards learning and studying in schools.

The following are the importance of computer to student:

1. Research: With computer a student can be able to source for data and gather the right information on-line to facilitate their learning mode. Students that have assignment can check for how to find solutions to their assignment by sourcing for how it is done on-line through their computers.

2. Learning: With computers learning is made easy. A computer helps to get lectures on-line, source for information on the Internet, reading books on the Internet. Some schools make use of computer in teaching their student which is a modern ways of learning. Learning does not only involves in reading and writing only, it also involves making research, testing theories, reading books from various authors and learning other people’s ways of life, this can be done through computer.

3. Information: This are gathered convertible data that is formed into harmonious whole. Students must ensure to get the right information as quick as possible so that it will not deter their academic. If students fail to get the right information it will leads to problem on the part of the student and also by the institutions. Information can be accessed on the school portal and through emails sent by the school to their respective student off the institutions.

4. Fun: As an adage says ‘’All works and no play makes jacks a dull boy’’ As we learn we also develop various attitude to cool down our brains. Computers can be of funs when you make use of it to watch movies, play games and listen to movies. This will helps to relax brain against long lecture day or any boring lectures in class. It is highly recommended not to work our brains out so as to keep up with the pace of learning.

5. Assignment: Computer helps student to proffer solutions to their various assignment given to them. With computer research on assignment can be done extensively by studying relevant information about the assignment that is given to them by their lecturers or teachers.

Students can make use of the following software on their computers:

1. Microsoft word: This has been a great tool for typing of various documents. With Microsoft word, students can do their assignment and type it on their personal computer and go to the cyber café to print the document out for submission. Microsoft word is also good for designing of various graphical representations, this will help the students in learning new skills of doing things.

2. Excel: Calculations is made easy with excel spreadsheets. Students who cannot do away with calculations they must make use of excel judiciously because it helps to convert multiple data into a right category. Excel helps in pictorial illustrations with the use of pie chart, bar chart and various graphs.

3. Browser: Students must ensure to have a good browser applications that will enable them to surf the web. With the help of browser and good Internet connection, students will be able to access various information on-line.

4. PDF Reader: Students must be able to have a PDF reader such as adobe PDF reader on their computer this will enable them to read those document that they download on-line and can be save for future purposes.

5. Games: Yes! Students are youth so they can also make use of their time with their peers to play games with them. This will in turn motivate them and get to relate with each others. There are also some technical games that improve thinking and logical reasoning.

With the importance of computer, it is very relevant for every students to has his or her own personal computer so as to facilitate learning and improve the quality of life.

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