Saturday, 17 December 2016

Decline in education sector who is to blame?

With the current rate of decline in the education sector who should be blame? Should we blame the teacher or lecturers for not teaching the students very well or the parent for not supporting their child education or the government for not sponsoring education effectively or the student that sees school as a fun place?

The value of education in our society need to be giving proper attention to because education has helps us to gain more knowledge through learning. The decline rate of education needs to be studied so as to know who is responsible for the deterioration and there should be accurate solution to it, so that student can have a better tomorrow.

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Consider blaming anyone for the downfall of education from your own point of view? Do not blame anyone for education ailment, it is rather for everyone to work towards a common goal of sustaining education. Parent may blame their children for scoring low marks in school, students may also put the blame on the parents for not giving them proper attention monetarily and non-monetary.

Teachers may also blame the government for not paying their salary at a scheduled date. Teachers may blame the government for not providing social amenities. Students may also blame the teachers for their downfall. Education is a cycle it moves from one place to another, it can move at a faster pace or slower pace. Everyone has a story to tell because we don’t want to be blame for education failure but if it were to be success we are all going to stand for the benefit.

Education sector should be given much attention to, by all major stakeholders so as to upgrade it from low level to high level. It is the responsibility of government to provide social amenities such as constructions of classes or lecture halls, road networks in the school, quality and affordable hostel facility, payment of workers salary, provision of scholarship and many more this will facilitate effective learning.

Government must not neglect their roles and responsibility on education sector. They must disburse accurate funds through the provision of the country’s budget. All allocated budget must be supervise to ensure the purpose the money is meant for is fulfilled. Government should supervise all schools so that they will collect back license they issued to sub-standard schools.

Teachers are the light to the path of every student. They are the channel in which all students pass through in their academic pursuit in life. Teacher must make sure they teach and impact positive knowledge on their students so that they can become a better person in future. Teachers must report any act that is detrimental against education policy to the parent of the students so that corrections can be done on parts of the parent.

Teachers must make sure that all students are in the right class and at the right time through supervision. Teachers must be able to check their student’s notes so that students will take note at the appropriate time. All assignment given to the students must be check and marked and anyone who fails to do his or her assignment should be punished so also any students who did his or her assignment very well should be motivated. Teachers must create an atmosphere of competition for the students so that they will be encourage to learn more and beat their peers which they see as their competitors.

Parent should know more about their child very well because they live with them. Parent must not fail in their duties of taking care of their wards. Parents must be checking their ward’s notes in case they fails to write note in school or to check if what their wards are taught in school is right or wrong.

Parent is the best supervisor a student can have, they need to monitor their children academic performance. If a child performs well in school the parent must encouraged them to do more so also if a child did not meet up with expectation they should not be neglected because the child will feel discourage towards learning.

Students are the architect of their life. If they fails or excel it will bounce back on them. Students must endeavor to take education serious since it is what will determine their future and life. Students must be able to project what he or she wants to become in future and works towards achieving it.

In all said so far, the decline in the education sector is not a matter of only one person, everybody is involved. We must not blame, we should only proffer solutions to our current plight.

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