Monday, 12 December 2016

Effect of social media on student academic performance

Social media is the network that connect various peoples together using the Internet with the help of social media platforms like face-book, twitter, you-tube, blackberry messenger and more. Student should be prudence in making adequate use of this social medias so as not to affect their academic performance.

The effect of social media usage can either been positive or negative depending on the mode of usage by the student. Some students preferred browsing the Internet to find accessible games to play, some makes use of social media to chat with friends, while some make use of social media to make research on given assignment and to learn more about their course of study.

The following are the positive use of social media:

1. Research: Research is the ability to source for a meaning to things that is not known so as to shed more light. We makes use of social media platforms to source for varieties of things that is not clear to us. A student given assignment in school needs to make a research on the assignment so as to get the best mark.

2. Knowledge: We gain more knowledge through the effective usage of social media. We can source for various articles, books, news relating to our course of study in school and with the help of this we tends to have more knowledge. Social media helps us to utilize various platforms that is accessible to us in order to sort out our various ways of life.

Students Preparation towards examination

3. Knowing people: With the help of social media we are able to cross each other boundaries with a unique beneficial helps that connect the world together. A student in a school can talks or chat with other student on social media platforms without visiting the person physically.

4. Information: Through research on social media, a student will have access to right and quality information that will help them to attain the best and quality education. Social media platforms has help student a lot in getting the right source of information. With Google search engines student can get any information they so much desire, through You-tube channels student have access to a whole lot of educational tutorial that will benefit their lives.

5. Direct access to the whole world: Social media has help students and schools a lot in proffering solution to various academic challenges facing the student. Some students may not know how to make use of Internet but with the help of school they will be tutored and get to know a lot of things. Accessing the World Wide Web is what connects the whole world together.

The following are the negative effects of social media on student’s academic performance:

1. Distraction: The use of social media has caused a lot of distraction to students. Some students do not concentrate on their study, they prefer using their time to chat with friends and colleagues rather than facing their studies.

2. High Cost: The cost of accessing the Internet is expensive, this as been a major setback to the usage of social media by some students. Some students devote their allowance in purchasing data which has cost them a lot.

3. Book Negligence: With the various social media platforms that is available some student tends to neglect their books since they are addicted to chatting on-line which has decrease their academic performance.

It is the responsibility of every students to concentrate more on their studies and make judicious use of social media platforms so as to get a better and quality academic performance. Whatever done must be worth doing well.

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