Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Entrepreneurship for student empowerment

Entrepreneurship is first of all having a mindset of a future circumstance. Having a choice to make and plan for one’s own business is entrepreneurship. Students must learn to depend on their own before living schools, this will serve as an advantages to them during and after they graduate from school.

The missing link for some students is not having a setup mind for raising business. Every student has a potential which can be turn into a profit making investment. Whatever the passion of every student there is always a business to venture into. Entrepreneurship must be given the right attention to by all students since it is the key drive to every sector of a country's economy.

How to empower students through entrepreneurship:

Entrepreneurship can be harness against Unemployment, Poverty and Recession.

Entrepreneurship is use to empower youth against occurrence of unemployment when they graduate from school. Being an entrepreneur gives one a sense of ambition and a student will be able to meet up with his or her daily needs without depending on parent or government. This will also help the country’s economy.

Entrepreneurship is harness against poverty, with high rate of poverty in many spheres of the world, entrepreneurship can be used to reduce poverty level. Student who participates in learning one trade or skill acquisition will ease the burden of depending on government. With means of earning various students is opportune to learn business, trade, skills and more this will get them some income and reduce the level of poverty. Entrepreneurship is use to develop the society and alleviate poverty.

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With student getting ideal skills, they can make use of entrepreneurship to liberate their country against economic meltdown or against recession since all hands are on deck. Students needs to be depend on themselves so that they can earn a living and focus on the future.

Types of entrepreneur

1. Necessity entrepreneur: This is an entrepreneur that makes daily needs to survive. They are refers to as survivalist entrepreneur, they make income to survive and meets up with their needs.

2. Opportunity entrepreneur: This type of entrepreneur has other alternative of earning a living. But they are a captain of a personal business and they break poverty and earn a lot of income.

Types of entrepreneurship to lift poverty:

1. Skill acquisition: Acquiring a set of skills is a way of alleviating poverty. Skills include having a good communication skills, web design, barbing, hairdressing, computer operator, marketing, soap making and many others.

2. Financial empowerment: Having capital to start up a business will give an entrepreneur an edge for financial liberation.

3. Market accessibility: Having a place to sell ones products or good helps the seller and the buyers to communicate effectively and get a good return on investment. An entrepreneur must have a good access to the market so as to be able to market and sell their products easily.

Missing link of entrepreneurship is that many tertiary institutions does not have entrepreneur study to fulfill mandate of skill acquisition they only tends to teach their student little things they can offer them. Entrepreneurship study in tertiary institution should not be take with levity hands, it must be given proper attention.

Entrepreneur should merge brain with business you are doing and it requires passion. It requires being creative and passionate.


All institutions must ensure they give proper learning of entrepreneurship that would create innovation in the country. Educational institutions must liberalize startup loan facilities with small interest this will give students advantage to start their own business and earn profit from it.

Entrepreneurship teaches ability to use hand and knowledge, entrepreneurship must be seen in all sector. Entrepreneurship must be seen in all spheres of the economy, it is the right of every students to learn one trade, business or skills so as to be have a better future.

Entrepreneurship goal is to alleviate poverty and solve unemployment problem, so as to help the country and every one to benefit from it.

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