Thursday, 15 December 2016

Free education accessibility for all students in the society

Free education is supposed to be a privilege given to every student in educational institutions. Government who wants the people of their country to gain knowledge must be able to provide basic education because it is the right of every person in the society to have access to education.

Government and private investors must not take school as only avenue to make profit, they must be able to offer free and standard education. The purpose of free education is to help the society to develop and reduce the level of uneducated people. Since we live in the society where the value of education is high and the cost of getting knowledge is also high. We need to balance the equation by getting great and better value through free education.

Free education for everyone in the society might be a difficult task because the burden will be on the government and anyone who decides to venture in it. Free education may not bring return on investment now but it will surely help the society in the future.

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Free education accessibility importance to the society:

1. More elite people in the society: One of the importance of free education is to help the society with more intellectual people that will contribute positively to the growth and development of the country. Since education is accessible for free and does not cost a lot, this will encourage people to study and increase more intellectual people in the society.

2. Creating a better society: With accessibility to free education, there will be no limitation for the lower class to study. They will also have upper hand to talk, to suggest and to advice the government on way forward through their intellectual ability that they develop through free education. It is better for everyone to get educated than for some to get and other not getting. It may cause a rift between those that are educated and those that are not, which in return may leads to chaos and destroy the society.

3. Helping the government: It is of extreme important for the government to render free education for the people of their country. If people have access to free education, it will help the government in getting a better society because if the government does not care about it people, they will bear the consequence. An uneducated fellow is not conscious of the future, he or she wants to live only for today which is not good. Our future must be a priority so that we can achieve a better tomorrow through a better today.

4. Reduction in unemployment rate: Getting access to free education will reduce the level of unemployment because people will have the knowledge of how to create jobs and cater for themselves. Through free education students of every institution will pass through entrepreneurship learning which in return they learn trade, business, services provision, skills acquisition and make use of it after graduating. Thereby not depending on getting white collar job, they will earn through there innovation and in return this will reduce unemployment rate in the society.

5. Accessibility to online education: It is not only in schools that we can get educated, we can also get free education by participating in online degree. We have several universities that offer online degree to their current and prospective students. Free education must also be initiated by private institution to lift the burden away from the government. Private investors can create helping hands for the government through creating on-line platforms that will help students to learn, which in return they will get certificate for a job well done.

6. Equal opportunities within the society: Quality education is not meant for wealthy people alone, it is meant for all. Free education tends to bridge the gap between the rich and poor because everyone has access to basic education. It opens door for people to learn and study under better conditions. Talented people get opportunities to use their talent to build a better tomorrow.

Free education should be a benefit to people in the society. It is what makes a tomorrow worth living for. We must all endeavor to learn so as to live a promising life for now and generations to come.

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