Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Importance of education in our society

Education is gaining of knowledge through learning, practicing and studying. Education is the key that opens the heart of the world. It is through education that we learn new techniques and ways of doing things.

To get recognize in the society everybody must cherish the value of education. The technology that we operate is established through the knowledge gained from education. Education is the wheel that drives the economy, leadership, insights and foresight of the world.

Everybody in this world has the right to get a good, reputable and sound education. We don’t just go to school to learn, how to read and right, we also learn about ways of life in school. The value of education is inestimable and it requires a lot of sacrifice.

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Through education we are able to attain a greater height through various leadership position we hold, through education we are able to forecast what is likely to happen in the future, we are able to avert calamity through prediction, we are able to ease our problem through creation of facilities or machine that will ease our workload.

Education is the most valuable asset we can get in our society. The importance of education in our society includes:

1. Reading: It is of a great pleasure to have the ability to read books, articles, journals, newspapers, magazine and various documents. Through education we can read and understand ways of life of other groups that exist in the society. We can also imbibe their culture with the basic knowledge we attain from reading. Education helps us to have insight on what has happen in the past by knowing history through reading.

2. Writing: The oldest forms of communication are sound and sign but with the modern ways of learning we are able to send message through letters, memos and other forms. Writing is an integral part of learning, it is the ability to communicate effectively ones thought in an orderly manner. Through education we can communicate with someone from afar without any physical appearance.

3. Learning: Education has been a source of innovation. We learn new techniques of doing things through education. Scientist are able to predict scientific outcomes through what they learn. Engineers are able to build the latest technology through education.

4. Communication: Education has been a great source of effective communication with various modern ways of telecommunication that is available. Through education we learn to speak in another people’s language, we know their culture, we know their history and origin, we are able to cohabit together and live a peaceful life. As communication is an integral part of the world so also education is the wheel that drives communication effectiveness.

5. Development: Through education our society is able to develop with latest technology that helps to solve our daily problems. Education helps to enhance people’s intelligence and capabilities. Through learning, reading and studying we are able to use our instinct to provide social amenities for ourselves, government are able to use budget to solve the economic situation through various analyses and programs. With education we are able to build cordial relationship with ourselves and avoid war.

6. Optimism: Education has always helps us to predict the future. We are able to know when rain will start and stop during the year this will make us plan for the whole year. Through education we are able to forecast or predict certain phenomenon that can cause a great disaster that is likely to take place in the future. We will be able to make plans for the future in case we encounter a problem.

Education should not be taken with levity hand, it is important that we all get adequate and right education. We have certain class of educated caliber that has make a great and positive impact to this world with their knowledge. Education helps the government to make adequate preparation for people of a country through census, this will help them to plan for provision of social amenities.

The value and importance of education cannot be over emphasize, it must be given necessary attention to because it has great a great and imminent value to the society.

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