Friday, 16 December 2016

Library usage and types of library available for learning

Library is a place where books and learning materials are stored for safe keeping. It is a place that is completely different from all other buildings in an institution because it is perceived to be a silent place so as to facilitate learning.

Library is useful an important not only to the students but it is also useful to the staffs and the general public. Library serves as a place for reading of various printed materials ranging from literature books, magazines, newspapers, books, articles, journals and other printed materials. Library is highly essential for every student because it serves a unique purpose.

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Library usage is open to all that has the required document which serves as a ticket to enter the library and make use of books that is available. Without library ticket a student is not entitled to use the library.

Library proffers solutions to people in a way that they help them make research through various books and materials that is available for use. You can go to the library to borrow books which must be return within a stipulated time and failure to do so the user will be charge to pay an amount of money.

Types of library available for learning:

1. Institutional library: This is the library that belongs to a particular institution. The activity of the library is regulated by the management of the school. The library users are students and staff of the school. Institutional library is the nerve of every institution because it retains the role and responsibility of offering a good and reputable service to the students and staff of the school.

2. Public Library: These are library that is available and accessible by the general public. Students can also make use of this form of library because it is a general library. It is owned and managed by either the state government or the federal government. It has a lot of varieties ranging from collections of books that is available by various well known authors this will help the students to learn more. Public library is effective and does not depend on individual to operate because government funds the library upkeep.

3. Private Library: This are library owned and manage by an individual. They are expensive to use and are easily accessible to the people. Everyone can decide to set up his or her own library, it may be for personal use or for business that will bring profit. A student can also build his or her own library at the comfort of their rooms, this will facilitate effective learning in their private residence or hostel.

4. E-Library: This is also referred to as electronic library. This library is effective and arranged for faster accessibility of books. With this, on-line platform that can be set up in school campus, student will be able to read books at the comfort of their school hostel. E-library may require a deep knowledge about social media, so students must ensure they know how to use their phone, computers and other gadget to make study on-line. Although learning or making research using the electronic library may be tasking because it is costly due to data usage and accessing fees that will be collected before anyone will be able to access any books or material on their platforms.

Types Of Library Users:

Every library has their users. They are the one that serve as customer to the library and makes the operation of the management great. Library user differs from various people to another or from various administrations to another. Library user in an institution of learning are:

1. Students: Virtually in all institutions of learning students are the most effective user to the library. Since learning is their main priority they tend to visit the library more often to source for articles and read their books.

2. Staff: The staff of an institution of learning also make use of the library. Various lecturers of school go to the library to read books, journals and articles so as to improve their skills and mental capabilities.

Library is not a place to while away time. It is a place to read, learn, study and make research. Students and people must make use of the library effectively and efficiently.

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