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Personality traits of students in educational institutions

Personality traits refer to genes that are embedded in an individual as it is inherited from their parents. Personality refers to traits, attribute and characteristics component of every individual. Student attribute or character towards learning also depends on their various personality traits.

There are various personality traits that tend to influence individuals positively or negatively. Students need to make use of their traits effectively as it is a factor that motivates them towards learning. In learning we must not neglect our character or attribute because they are the traits that compel us in school.

Basically there are various personality traits in every people. The traits of a student may makes them to be quiet in class or get them afraid to ask question and it may even affect them not to answer question due to the fact that they are shy and scared. So also there are students that use to disturb the class by talking aloud, answering questions, asking questions even though they may not be as intelligent as the quiet ones.

Personality traits determine our style of living and it determines who we are by our character. For every individual of the world we exhibit different characters. There are some students that do not fancy going to school, they only sees school as fun. They go to school to play with their colleagues and they take noting in this life serious, not because they don’t care but it is their personality that determines their steps.

So also we have some students that devote their time and material towards learning in school. They care less about other school extra-curricular activities and their main focus is to study and learn. These sets of students are motivated by their personality trait that is embedded in them.

The following are the types of personality traits embedded in an individual’s:

1. Introvert: These are timid and shy people. They tend to think a lot, play less and stay focused until they achieved their dreams. If they fails to achieve their dreams be it they fail in a course in school they will be frustrated to do anything wrong. Introvert set of people are intelligent and knowledgeable because they thinks a lot before talking.

They are not motivated by their peers, they see their own knowledge as the best option. They focus on their education more than anything so as to achieve excellence in their academics. Introvert has an ambition of making it in life no matter what it takes to achieve a purpose in life. A student who possesses introvert personality trait will dedicate everything towards his or her education.

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2. Extrovert: These set of student are interactive in nature, they posses unique skills of asking questions in class, they also answer question even though they may be wrong. They are people that belong to social class and they are friendly.

Extrovert does not really see failure as a big deal although they may be heartbroken but they know how to overcome their situations easily. They are well known by their colleagues due to their social behavior and they are also famous in school. A student who posses extrovert personality traits are best known by their lecturers because they always as question that seems bothering them on their course of study.

3. Ambivert: This is the combination of introvert and extrovert personality traits. Ambivert exhibit some basic characters that are inherent in both introvert and extrovert. A student who has this type of personality has the will and attributes to balance their education and their social life.

This personality traits is unique because it give students the edge of been brilliant in class and also been popular. Ambivert tends to tap into strength and will, based on their situations and circumstance that surrounds them.

With this various personality trait that is embedded in an individual it should be noted that it may be a drive or wheel that direct our actions and character so therefore we must study ourselves. Every student belongs to different category and our personality influence us since it is part of our genes. We must make judicious use of our personality so as to put it into better use so as to serve a purpose that will fulfill our dream.

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