Tuesday, 20 December 2016

Prerequisite for course selection in higher institution

Course selection should be given necessary attention because it is the foundation of every student career and profession. If a student fails in selecting the course he or she intends to study in school it may pose a problem in the future.

As a student is preparing to go to higher institutions they must have it in mind the course they have passion for so that they will not lack knowledge and ability on the course. With passion and a little knowledge, the course the student select will be use for a good profession after graduation in school. Parent or guardian must not force their wards to go to school and select any course, they must guide them in selecting the right course to study.

The prerequisites for choosing course in higher institutions:

1. Department: While in secondary school we are split in various department so that we will choose a niche that best suit us. We have science department, commercial department and arts department with this a student who wish to study journalism must come from art department and it is not possible for a science student to study accountancy in higher institutions neither will commercial students study medical science in higher institutions.

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2. Passion. Students should endeavor to check themselves on what they like most and what they believed in. A student who like to work on electronics at home should choose mechatronic while seeking admission to higher institutions of learning because of the basis he or she has. So also a students who likes writing news and reporting information can also choose journalism as their preferred course of study in school they wants to attend.

3. Selection: To select a course students need to do certain research by carrying out a feasibility study of what future holds for the intended study course. After we learn and study in school we are going to use the certificate to earn an upkeep through various employment.

We should be certain that the course we wants to study holds a better career opportunity. For example a student who want to study business administration and management will know he has a better career choice ranging from working in bank industry, government industry, holding leadership position through managerial skill, a manager of an industry and they can also be self employed through various business choice learn from school.

The overall goals of selecting the best course lies on everyone. The students must be able to select their choice of course, the parent or guardian must be able to support them financially and non financially. The teachers or lecturers must be able to motivate and impact basic knowledge on to their students.

The institutions of learning must provide enabling leaning environment for every student. With this a better academic performance is guaranteed and a better future is secured.

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