Thursday, 15 December 2016

Press council a viable association student can join in school

Press council is the media house of every institution. It is where information are gathered and disseminated to the students and staff of an institution. Campus journalism should not be taken with levity hands, it is a channel between the students and school governing body. So also is the media for the management and the student of every institutions.

Journalism is an activity that entails writing, editing, sourcing for news and articles, publishing and disseminate accurate information to the general public. Students who has the passion for writing, sourcing for information and who intends to get a first hand information can join the press council. 

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Press council is a conglomerate of all writing bodies in an institutions. There are many bodies under the press council which includes editorial group of various departments. Press council is the head of all writing association within the school campus. They regulate and maintain all other association as regards to the constitutions of the institutions.

Press council importance in an institution:

1. Sourcing for information: One of the main objectives of the press council is to source for information through proper means which can be to interview the eye witness of an events. If an events or chaos happens on the campus of an institution, press members will have to go to the place and source for what happen, how it happens and knowing the aftermath of the event through observation and interview. 

Basically after sourcing for the information decision to publish what has been observed should not be done with immediate effect, it requires knowing in-depth details of the parties involves in the chaos because all news publish about the chaos must be accurate and not subjective.

2. Disseminating Information: A Press council main objective is to get information across to every student of an institution. The news they offer to the student must not be based on rumor, it must be objective in nature. 

Passing of information can be done through pasting of news on the press council board of the institution, pasting of news on the board of department editorial, sending of messages through social media platforms with this information in school will be widespread and everyone will be informed on the latest update on campus.

3. Seminars: Press council offers seminars to their new and intending members. This is to help the activities of campus journalism to a greater height. Offering seminars to members helps the members to learn new things and gives them insight for a better tomorrow. Knowledge is not attained in a day, it requires gradual learning and through this everyone can develop their career or profession. 

Seminars provides by press council of an institution entails the process of calling various guest speakers that are into journalism profession, getting them to speaks on what journalism entails, how they start their profession and how they moved high through journalism.This will serves as source of motivation for the new and existing members of the press.

4. Conducting Interviews: Press members conduct interview for management teams, lecturers, staffs, students of the institution to know a problem and proffer solution to it through opinions and suggestions. Getting opinions from intellectual people, getting information from management teams on problems confronting the students and way forward. The interviews will be transcribed into articles that will be available to various students of the institutions.

5. Bridging gaps: Press council serves as a channel between the student union, students and management of the institution. They source for update on latest information from the management of the institution and pass it across to the students. 

If management teams of an institution decides to change the amount of school fees, they need to inform the press so that the information can be disseminated across to every student. The student union governing body can also makes decision that will benefit the students, press members will also be the one to pass the information across to the students.

6. Future purpose: One of the reason for joining press is to secure ones future. Everyone who joins press members learns a lot which can earn them upkeep in the future. They tend to learn through their writing skills, interaction, communication, ability to speak to crowd, sourcing for information and disseminating information. With this they can develop their passion into profit, they also have the edge of securing jobs in any media houses.

It is the right of every students to join any association he or she deems fit. Joining the press council will help a students to contribute one or two things to the betterment of their institutions.

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