Thursday, 29 December 2016

Public speaking an act every student must learn

Education is not for reading and writing alone, it is for expressing what you have learn in school through vocal. Public speaking is the means by which students are able to speak and face the crowd with confidence. We learn to speak in class, we learn to speak to our colleagues and we learn to speak to our teachers.

Based on various personality traits some student does not have the courage to speak in the public. Some students have the boldness to talk anywhere and at any point in time. It is possible for school to help students improve on how to speak in public through competition. School should always organize debate and select participant to contest against each other, this will boost student morale towards speaking.

Teachers should encourage public speaking by asking question from student in class. Teachers should observe some people that do not contribute their thought in class. Teachers should seek their opinions and this will make them to be bold in class.

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Teachers or lecturers should also help in improving public speaking by welcoming questions from their student and giving them the best answer. Even if student ask a wrong question or answered a question in wrong terms, teachers should not discourage them, they should always motivate them through necessary corrections.

Government can also encourage public speaking by students of an institution by organizing public speaking competition among schools in a federation. This will help to source and brew student for future. Government should also create an avenue for students to learn public speaking by inviting them as speaker at conferences and seminars. Through conference the student will be able to face crowd and develop morale and confidence, this will help them to go a long way in the future.

It is very important for students learning some courses to learn the act of speaking in the public. Students who are learning journalism must be able to speak to people fluently and confidently. They must be able to ask questions from people which answer will be provided to them. They must learn to communicate through speaking this will be use when they want to interview people.

Students who study commercial courses must be able to speak in the public because they will have to persuade their customer in buying their products and if they fail in persuading their customer, they will have low sale or no sales. Science students must also learn the act of speaking in the public, since they will have a whole lot of patient to attend to when they graduate from school.

Students must always learn on how to interact with people not only in school but within their private residence or their school hostel. Since they will need to communicate with their hostel mate through speaking. It is the responsibility of every student of an institution to imbibe the act of public speaking because it will develop them through their career and professions.

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