Thursday, 22 December 2016

Roles of government in providing quality education

Government is the center of attraction in an educational society. The quality of education should be the top priority of the government. They must also be able to provide free and accessible education for the betterment of the society.

The illiteracy level of people will be reducing through provision of sound and quality education. It is of a good importance, if the level of literate is greater than that of illiterate in the society. Government needs to regulate the poor educational outputs by implementing policy that will facilitate provision of quality education.

Government roles in providing quality education includes:

Scholarship: Government can offer scholarship to various individual in the society that is willing to get educated. Government doing this will thus motivate students to face their studies and help to improve their academic performance. The provision of scholarship system will increase standard education and improve determination of students towards learning.

Provision of loan: Government can offer grants and loans to students who are willing to get educated. With subsidize rate of fees the students will be motivated to read and learn. Provision of loan by the government will bridge the gap between the poor and the rich by providing equal opportunity for learning.

Supervision: Government can facilitate the provision of quality education through supervision. Government need to supervise colleges, institutions and other schools to know the quality of work done in the school. If a schools fails to meet up the standards government can revoke their license this will teach other schools or institution lesson. It will also improve the provision of quality and affordable education.

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Motivation: Government can motivate students and teachers through awards and self recognition. The quality of education can be increased through motivating students that did well in examination, this will also motivate other students to focus on achieving excellence. Government should also motivate the staff and teachers of school for a job well done this will ignite them to do more.

Competition. Government should provide a good level playing ground for students in the society, this can be done through providing a platform for all institutions to compete between themselves. This will increase the level of awareness on the value of education. The school that emerge the best will also be given prize and will motivate schools and students in achieving success through quality academic performance.

It is the right of every individual in society to have access to quality education. Government should do all their possible best in providing a suitable learning platform. This will help in developing the society for the future.

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