Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Student attitude towards academic performance

Nowadays we have so many students neglecting their primary assignment in school, all they want is to go to school and have some fun. Some student tends to practice their friends behavior, so as to get along with each other and this cause a great effects on students academic performance in institutions of learning.

It is the responsibility of every student to face the purpose of going to school, yes there are various activities in schools that can makes students neglect their academics and follow the parts of doom.

Students must not join bad group that can cause them bad image, they must follow the basic rules and regulations guiding the schools where they study. To achieve a better academic performance, student must have a good attitude and character that will portray them as a good leader of tomorrow.

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Some activities that can cause negative effect on student’s academic performance are:

1. Joining bad group: Every student must be cautious of the group they tend to join in school. There are some groups that do not fancy education, the only purpose of their existence is merry making. If any students join this type of group they will surely have a bad academic performance because the group they belong to has nothing to offer them.

2. Clubbing: Students of nowadays prefers to go to club rather than be in their school hostel or private residence to read and learn. It has been order of the day for some student especially those who just gain admission into school to get influenced by their colleagues or senior in school thus leaving their comfort zone to a club house. Any students who participate in all this ceremonial stuff tends have a problem in their academic.

3. Environment: School environment also influence students to neglect their primary assignment which is to learn in school. There are some schools which are situated at the heart of the city where there are several party house, clubs this can change students attitude towards their academic performance because they can easily be influenced by their environment.

4. Friends: Student needs to be careful of their friends in schools because they can change their attitude by doing exactly what their friends are doing in school. Friends should be a source of motivation towards good academic performance. Making wrong friends in school can cause the students to neglect the reason for going to school, better and careful choice is needed to select the best out of pool of people that call themselves friends.

5. Personality: Some students are easily influenced by what they see and attracted by what their friends do. They tend to follow the path of their friends thereby forgetting their purpose of going to schools. There is some personality trait that tends to affect some students and this can cause a whole lot of damages to the student’s academic performance.

The purpose of going to school is to gain more knowledge and through learning and studying. Learning helps student’s to improve in character and to become a better person in life. Student must not neglect their primary assignment which is to gain more knowledge, so they must dedicate their attitude, character, personality, effort, ability and intelligence towards learning.

Whatever we become in life is a matter of circumstances, every situation we find ourselves we must be able to foresee the future and makes a right decision. A student who makes a wrong decision will bear its consequence and it may never be rectify again in life.

A good attitude will leads to a great altitude in life so therefore, every student must makes their study a priority and neglect those events or activities that can cause them to regret in life. Students must dedicate themselves in achieving a positive academic performance in educational institutions.

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