Saturday, 24 December 2016

Student roles towards national development

Education core value is grooming students effectively for better prospects for the future. Without student that wants to learn their will be not be any value for education. Even if educators, teachers and various scholars are ready to teach people and there is no one to learn, education value will not be purposeful.

Students have a role to play in ensuring accountability and achieving greater aims towards achieving academic excellence. Upon graduation they will they will seek for jobs in various administrative position, this will help them in contributing their resources towards business and various firms operation.

Student can also reduce unemployment rate by utilizing the skills they learn in school. Through entrepreneurship student can be empower to set up their own business. This will also reduce poverty level in the country and boost economic development in a country. With basic knowledge in various fields student can engage in their career profession which will help them in earning upkeep to cater for themselves.

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Graduate can contribute positively to national development through their intelligence and knowledge. Graduate of a university must be able to stand on their toes and cater for their needs without depending on white collar job. They can also utilize vocational resources to create a trade or business that will earn them profit. Student can also invest in business after completing their degree.

Upon the completion of first degree student can also decides to move on, by going for their master degree programs. With knowledge learn during undergraduate they will be able to cope with higher learning mode. Studying and learning master degree courses requires highly intellectual students because of various academic researches that will be carried out.

Students are the youth and future leaders. They must be taught correctly because all knowledge they gain in school will be use in future. They may in turn aspire for political position and with their passion and quest for knowledge, they will be able to hold key position in governmental and non-governmental organization. With passion for politics they can contribute their own quota to the development of their nation.

Our attitude and character are guided by what we learn in school. So also our personality is determine by our psychology through our traits. Students must take all necessary steps to complete their education and help the society in developmental projects initiation. 

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