Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Students Preparation towards examination

Examination is a test of knowledge and test of what has been learnt since the beginning of a session in institution. Examination helps the teachers or lecturers to assess the student based on what they have learnt so far before moving them to next level.

Without examination students will show no sign of seriousness they may not even go to school or lecture hall to learn since they will not be tested. Examination is conducted to showcase student ability towards their academic performance.

Students must learn to be calm before, during and after the examinations. Although many says examination is not a true test of knowledge, students must think further than this assumptions. Examinations help students to show a great commitment towards their study.

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How to prepare for Examinations:

1. Preparation: Preparing for examinations does not start in a day, it start from the very first day lecture start in school, not until the examination time table comes out before students start to study. Students need to be committed in order to pass their forth coming examination and achieve excellence. Rome is not built in a day so learning cannot be known in a day, prepare your time and mind towards your study so as to achieve a better purpose in your academic performance in schools.

2. Making use of library: Student must have access to the school library in order to learn. Library is place that stores book and other forms of store material for use by qualified people. Students who want to prepare well for examinations must go to the library to source for various information, books, journals and articles relevant to the course of study. Library is a learning place for students, it is where study can spend there to time towards learning and research on various courses can be done with the help of the library.

3. Studying relevant books; Preparing for examination can be a quite task because it involves lots of dedication. Students preparing for examination must be able to source for various textbooks that are relevant to the course they are studying in school. Books are meant to be read no matter how good the design of a book is, it is meant to be a read.

4. Researching: Since you have not pass through this stage of writing your current examination, it is best for you if you can make a little research as to know the type of likely questions that may be ask in the forthcoming examinations and some positive answers to the particular question.

5. Analyze Past questions: It is best to get your hand on the past questions of the previous level or seniors that have done the examination before you. Get their opinion on how they solve the questions, this will give you an edge on the forthcoming examination. Past questions are likely to be repeated for the next examinations but do not depend on it since it may change at any point in time.

6. Be Calm: There is no pointing getting afraid of examination. Getting afraid of examination means you are assuming yourself as a failure before the exam. Be calm and braise yourself up for the greater challenge. Examination will come and go, so do not develop examination fever which is likely to cost you a lot.

7. Examination changes level: Remember without examination we are going to be where we are, you must be mindful that with examination it helps us to move from our immediate position to next level. Change is always constant we need to move high, it is better to move than been stagnant, prepare your mind towards achieving a better academic performance in your examination.

8. Know your teacher: It will benefit you if you can know the way your teachers or lecturers want you to answer their questions. You need to be keen on a proper mode the questions given to you during the examinations will be answer this will give you an edge against your colleagues in your institutions of learning.

With this you are good to go, follow the right path and you will achieve better academic results in your forthcoming examinations. Always remember that examination is to test your knowledge and move you to greater level.

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