Monday, 12 December 2016

Usage of Social media platforms by educational institutions

Educational institution must makes use of social media platforms to access and give out information to new and existing students and staff of the institutions. With the high rate of competitions by various schools the help of social media platforms should not be neglected.

A social media platform helps schools to draw their prospective applicant attention to the schools so that they will not lose their applicant to their competitors. With Internet the school can advertise their programs to intending applicant to choose from varieties of offers that is available from diploma, degree and other on-line course offered in the institution this will helps the applicants to have a great insight on what the institutions is all about.

With social media schools can set up on-line courses that will help the students to study from anywhere in the world without even visiting the institution. With the help of the social media platforms like the schools websites which will be use to tutor relevant course on-line, to receive tuition fees payment, to get information to students, to help students to check their scores and total results.

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School authority makes use of social media platforms to tell their intending students about the course and programs they offer in the institutions. Educational institutions must harness the use of social media to disseminate and source for information that will help their institution to do well that their peers. Schools websites has been a great platform to source for information ranging from the courses offered in the institutions, institution staff, faculties, departments, classes and more.

Social media a platform has helps schools to benefit on registering their intending candidate by saving them the stress of visiting the school. With various forms provide on the schools website this has facilitate better and easier collection of relevant data necessary for providing admission to their prospective students. An educational institution that intends to grow must not underestimate the power of social media platforms because if they do they will suffer its consequence.

Educational institution that strives to grow must have a social media team that will tell the world the kind of service they are offering and the reason their prospective student should choose them. Knowledge is not limited to physical teaching educational institution can provide electronic library to their students in which they can learn from, this will improve the quality of education and boost students morale towards learning.

Educational institution can provide on-line research platforms that will help the institution staffs and students to make research to improve their academic and working performance. Students can make use of the institution websites to source for information that can be use for their projects. Staff of the institutions can also make use of the school websites to get information that will improve their pattern of work and yield better productivity.

With the help of social media educational institutions can provide on-line coaching through creating a You-tube channel and getting student to subscribe to the channels this will create a proper and right measure in providing the students with sound learning making them gain more knowledge. Educational institutions can also provide learning on Face-book through face-book page or face-book group. 

Debate session can be offered on face-book this will make helps students showcase their talents which in return broaden their knowledge and bring the school into a limelight. Educational institutions can also share questions relating to the schools, society, academic and student will give answers to the question and any students who get it right will be provided with incentives which can be monetary and non-monetary this will makes the student to do well in their academic performance.

In all discussed so far, we would have achieve a lot by knowing the importance of various social media platforms on educational institutions and on students academic performance. It also helps staffs of the institution in accessing basic information needed in the institutions.

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