Friday, 16 December 2016

Ways to effective reading for students in an institution

Reading is a gradual process of learning new thing through careful studying of books and necessary education materials. It involves continuous process by which more knowledge is gained from text reading and other forms of reading.

Reading is an integral part of studying because with reading books, journals, articles and necessary materials students will not succeed in his or her career in school. For the betterment of knowledge reading must not be taking with levity hands because it increases knowledge and understanding.

Student may not be restricted to reading of their courses textbooks alone, they may read novels, articles, newspaper, magazines and journals. This will help them to learn about other people ways of life without even visiting them. Through reading we develop our intelligence, knowledge, ability and capability. It prepares us for a better tomorrow.

Reading starts from reciting poems in nursery schools, to reciting alphabetic and numeric’s in primary schools and reading of comprehension passage. From nursery school we can see that reading did not just develop in a day, it is developed as a gradual process that enriches the brain with knowledge. Students must learn the act of reading for them to succeed in their academic performance and live for a better tomorrow.

The following are the ways to effecting reading:

Attending Classes: Any student who strives to succeed must always attends class to receive lectures. If any students fails to attend class it will lead to students not knowing what is been taught and will fail to read books concerning the course he or she is studying.

Attending class help you to read because it gives you a sense of direction when reading. Listening to your lecturer’s talks will help you to concentrate well when reading since you have treated necessary topics and passage in the classroom or lecture hall.

Making Use Of Library: Library is a place where books and other necessary materials are stored for safekeeping and can be accessed by library users at any point in time. Library user includes the students. Students must make library as their second room if they plan to achieve a better academic performance.

Student who needs to read can go to the school library to read various books and materials patterning to their course of study. Library is a perfect place to read because it is a silent place and its prevents distractions, you also have ability to makes research through electronic platforms of your school library this facilitates learning.

Study Group: Form a study group where you can brainstorm what you have read so far. People tends to remember what they read if they can answer various questions given to them by their colleagues. Study group may be form on a course or on more than one courses this will improve level of proficiency in all students and thereby increase their academic performance.

If a particular course is given them a problem they can read and re-read the course to check for it problem and offer solutions to it by themselves. The group can even solicit with the lecturer that is in charge of the course to give them an overview and insight on how to solve the challenges facing them.

Good environment: Although our level of assimilation is different. Some students tends to read and assimilate in a noisy environment but for some it is forbidden. Students must find a place that is calm and noiseless at the comfort of their room to read so that they will understand what they are reading. Some environment tends to affect reading pattern of students which in return will affect their academic performance. A reading environment must be noiseless, calm, cool, clean and distraction free so that students will be able to learn effectively and achieve positivity in their academics.

Familiar with books: Students who reads well are always familiar with their books because they do not wait for examination to come before they start reading. Since reading does not just start, it start with process, students must act towards achieving better academic performance through reading. Getting familiar with books and studying relevant materials helps reading to be clear and concise.

In achieving a better understanding of learning, reading must be given a great priority by the students and anybody who care to study hard. Reading is learning and must be done accurately to achieve better results.

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